Monday, October 03, 2005

The First Monday in October

Today, the first Monday in October, marks the first day of a new Supreme Court, with a new Chief Justice, Justice John Roberts. I did not blog about Justice Roberts, and wished that I had. I supported Justice Roberts from the very begining. Everything I read about him was impressive. He was intellectually capabale of Supreme Court work. He had an impressive legal background. He had argued several cases as an attorney before the Supreme Court. He had served as an associate justice on the D. C. Court of Appeals. The ABA gave Justice Roberts its highest rating. In his confirmation hearings, Justice Roberts was equally impressive. He was humble, yet strong in his responses. I felt very good, and continue to feel very good about the future of the United States Supreme Court with Justice Roberts at the helm. It will be interesting to watch how this term unfolds, and to read his opinions about the most important Constitutional issues of the day.

I am not as confident in Mr. Bush's second appointment to the Supreme Court. The White House announced this morning, that the next nomination to the high court is Ms. Harriet Miers, the current White House Counsel. Ms. Miers has only served in that position since November 1994, replacing Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Mr. Miers has no previous judicial experience. Her official White House biography is somewhat lack luster, previously serving as hostess for Ask the White House. I will reserve final judgment until I hear her performance at the confirmation hearings; however, Mr. Bush's announcment of Ms. Miers this morning does not inspire a great deal of confidence.


Blogger Tim said...

When her name was being floated, I looked up a little bit online, and looked at her resume of sorts on the white house website, and was worried that people would be, city counsel woman? That’s kind of like me adding Roy's Restaurant, opening Shift on my resume.

But I got over it after reading more about her, here is a really good post in the blog ran a Houston lawyer,

Miers versus Roberts

I just think that this line of Bush hired his “Personal Attorney” as if that reduces her down to some one he picked from the yellow pages and is on retainer and all that stuff is

Also…. Are you suspicious of the “right wing media” attacking it own…do you think they are really doing that, or do you think maybe there could be some misunderestimating going on? ;-)

11:37 PM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...


Now that some time has passed, I'm even more pessimistic about this nomination. It lacks any depth or thought process, and smacks of "cronyism" as has been played out over and over again in the media. I am somewhat suspicious about why the far right is attacking Ms. Miers, and have blogged about that on my personal blog here:

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